Can You Bring A Cat On A Plane?

Making a plan for an extended trip but you cannot let your Cat alone at home. Pets form a part of the family and if cats are allowed on the flight then we can proceed with your plan. You can bring your Cat on the plane but you need to follow the regulations set by the respective airlines so that the pet remains calm and comfortable. Traveling internationally, the most important thing is to be aware of the requirements for carrying a cat into unfamiliar soil.  

This guide will make you understand how to bring a cat on a plane safely.

How can I bring a Cat on a plane? 

You can carry a Cat on a plane but you need to be careful with the rules so that you do not face any trouble during checkouts. In some cases, Cats might not feel comfortable moving around crowds. So this is your duty properly to take care of the pet and then head to the airport.

Firstly, confirm the travel of your cat with the airlines. There are two ways to carry your beloved cat to the cabin or you can place them in the plane cargo. Different airlines have different policies for pet carrying on board. Some may only allow 2 pets to travel on a plane depending on the airline policy. The booking should be done sooner to ensure a better place for the pet and carry the cat near your seat.

Check-in advance for the fees to be charged for carrying cats, carrier sizes, restrictions, or medical necessities.

Once you get the flight booked then fetch a health certificate for around 10 days before the date of travel. The certificate will state how old is your cat, whether vaccinated or not, or if the cat has any infectious disease. Some cats quite travel well without any medication. But, still, why take the risk? Ensure from the vet so that your cat can be examined properly and it does not feel nauseous during the travel.

Two Methods to Bring Cats on a Plane 

You can take your cat on the plane along with you or get them in the plane’s cargo. The efficient selection is to bring cats to the cabin keeping them in front of your seat. This will make the cat sense calmer and safer. Keeping them in cargo might make them restless as the cargo space is quite dark.

In case you are bound to place them in cargo, ensure that your flight is the same as your cat’s. Also, avoid plane transfers and prevent flying when the weather is not calm.

Prepare the Cat to Travel on Plane 

Do the paperwork, tags for the cat, and contact details and keep them along with you. You can take a picture of the cat if both get separated in some way. 

The carrier you are holding might not be specific for traveling as per the airline’s policies. So, you need to purchase the carrier, and then only they will let you with the cat. Also, one important thing to learn is to train your cat with the right size carrier. Put their toy or blanket or place some treats to make them feel they are in a safe place.

Carry some pee pads in case of any accidents during the flight. Do not forget to carry extra pads for them, food, travel bowls, water, travel litter, and medications. 

When the time arises to board the flight, head to the airport. Cats might get sick if eaten before boarding so refrain the cat from eating to avoid loose motion.

Once you reach the airport, move to the counter and provide them with the documentation they ask for. Then next, move to the security check. You might be asked to remove the pet from the carrier. The screening will be done to the carrier and you will need to move through a metal detector holding the cat. Once successfully completed the process put the cat in the carrier and now you can head to the plane for boarding.


Bringing a Cat on a Plane Delta

As per the airline’s policies, cats can travel into the cabin with a fee of $75–$125 for one round. The cat should be 10 weeks old in age for domestic and international 16 weeks old to travel. The cat’s un-weaned litter can travel, especially female cats, and the litter is within 10 weeks to 6 months old and there is no limit to the number of litter.

Can I bring Cat food on a plane?

You can bring moist or dry cat food which is a portion of solid food for them. We are food should be within 3.4 oz in hand carry on and for checked baggage, the limit is up to 5.5 oz.

Can I bring Cat litter on a plane?

Make sure to take a folding tray for litter as this does not occupy much space and can be put in a carrier.

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