Can You Bring A Power Bank On A Plane

Power Bank is a portable charging gadget that works for your smartphone, earphone, smartwatches, tablets, and other devices. If preparing for a vacation or meeting abroad or a simple trip, you wish to have an extra battery pack. This is handy to have a power backup if you are travelling to a different country without having to bother about the battery drainage. So, there is a need to bring a power bank. But the thing is that you need to be aware of whether power banks on the plane are allowed or not.

Are you allowed to bring power banks on a plane?

Such queries are indeed common especially when you are flying to a new country. Though it seems frustrating when you cannot take the power backup along on a plane. The rules considering power banks on the flight have varied over the years. 

On this page, you will learn about the rules on how a power bank can be taken on a plane. Carrying the power bank on a plane might be simpler, providing following the conditions bestowed by airlines and airports and also under the required capacity.

How to carry a power bank on a plane 

Power bank plays an important role especially when you are stuck at the airport with low battery and details of travel are on the phone. Power banks utilize batteries with lithium-ion and so as per TSA rule, you can bring them in a carry-on bag on the plane. You can not only charge your smartphone using a power bank but also digital cameras and numerous other gadgets.

Power banks can be carried in carry-on bags but not in checked-in baggage. The reason behind this is for security reasons, power banks are prohibited in checked-in bags. The batteries with lithium cells might overheat and catch fire. Though there are least chances to cause fire, the issue will be easily resolved if packed in carry-on bags and also, in case if you need to charge your smartphone you can easily utilize the power bank

The next thing you need to observe is the power bank’s size. The size of the power bank will count on the destination for which the flight has been boarded. In the US, you can take 100 Wh as mentioned under TSA. 100 Wh equals to 27000 mAh and within the limit of capacity set you can carry power banks on board.

The rating of the watt-hour of the battery is mentioned on the product packaging on the power bank.

Most of countries allow 100 Wh capacity power banks to pack in carry-on bags to board along with on the plane. Check for the rules with the airline prior to traveling as there might be a distinct constraint considering loading a battery backup on the plane.

Few points to keep in mind while heading with a power bank on a plane:-

  • Power banks are to move in carry-on bags to promote security and so not permitted in cargo transport.
  • The capacity is 100Wh i.e. 27000 mAh as per TSA. 
  • Some airlines allow power banks with the biggest capacity.
  • Check the rules to carry power banks on planes with the airlines to see whether battery backups are allowed or not. 


Can I take a 10000mah power bank on a plane?

Yes, you can surely board a plane with 10000mAh as airlines allow 100 Wh which is equal to 27000mAh. You can also take 20000mAh capacity on the plane. These power banks can hold a charge for 3 – 6 months if purchased by a reputed brand. Local brand power banks hold a charge for 4 to 6 weeks.

The capacity is calculated by:
Milliamp Hours/1000 x Voltage = Watt Hours (mAh/1000*V = Wh)

How many power banks can I take on a plane?

You can carry two power banks in the carry-on baggage on the plane but rules might vary from one airport to another. You will be happy to learn that some airlines allow the biggest power bank to take on a plane. They can carry a 160Wh capacity power bank but this would lead to thorough checking at security checks before boarding the plane.


This article, will guide you to take a power bank on the plane in carry-on bags. Ensure to go through the airport and airline rules in order to have a clear picture so that you do not 

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