Can you bring an Xbox on a Plane?

Planning a trip and wish to carry the Xbox station with you on board? This post will be the information to guide you on whether you are allowed to bring an Xbox on a plane or not. If allowed, how can one carry the Xbox to the plane? What are the rules to be followed?

How to bring Xbox 360 on plane

Before you decide to take your Xbox gadget, you need to understand the rules meant for carrying items on a plane. Many passengers are concerned about “Am I allowed to bring an Xbox on a plane”. Such queries are quite common when one wishes to carry gadgets on board. 

You are required to follow the rules and regulations of the airline where you have booked your flight ticket. As mentioned in TSA, they provide rules for passengers regarding what items to be carried while boarding a flight.

If you wish to have Xbox controllers along with you, make sure to pass the security checks at the airport. You can carry them in hand luggage or in checked luggage.

Traveling with the gaming set is just like moving with the laptop, some extra time on screening will be required at the checkpoint. Take the Xbox out from the handbag and keep it in a different bin.

Be sure that you maintain airline weights and size limits in order to be allowed on the flight.

Can I bring an Xbox 360 to carry on a plane? 

There are no limits to follow if you take an Xbox console in the carry-on luggage but maintain the size limits as per airline rules. During security checks, make sure to remove the console from the luggage transferring it to a different box. This policy is obeyed for devices larger than your mobile gadgets and it also avoids obstruction during the screening of the bag. Sometimes the consoles do not fit the bag you carry so it’s better to have a separate bag to hold your Xbox gadget.

If you are last to board the flight then there might be no space to keep your console box in overhead bins. This might lead to removing the console to a separate bag and so do not forget to carry an extra bag for the console and keep it as the under-seat product. It is a good thing to have the console in front of your eyes as there might be less chance of getting damaged or broken.

Carrying an Xbox Controller as Checked Luggage on the plane 

You can easily take your Xbox gadget on a plane in checked baggage, but this might not be a better option because there is no guarantee that your device will be safe till it reaches the destination. The Xbox seems to be fragile and if not handled properly by luggage handlers, your gadget might be damaged. There is also a chance of theft which is usual to have your item lost. 

In some cases, airlines also lose the luggage or misplace it with someone else. So, you need to be careful with your console while carrying on the flight.

Before boarding the flight, be aware of the size limit to carry as suggested by the airline. Xbox 360 controllers size (is 12.2″ x 3.1″ x 10.6″) and airlines mentioned the size should not exceed (18″ x 14″ x 8″). The item will fit under the seat and you do not need to pack it in checked luggage.

You need to contact the airline and learn about the rules stated for bringing Xbox on the plane, if you still feel that the item won’t fit under your seat.


You can surely bring an Xbox on a plane in checked luggage or carry-on baggage. If you put the console in checked luggage then pack them in pillows or clothing so that they do not move during the travel. Most probably you can take the console at carry-on so that you can keep an on the item. An important point to note is that, not all airlines provide free carry-on baggage, you might be asked to pay a ransom amount so that your bag is allowed on the plane.

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