Can You Bring Glass On A Plane?

How can I carry glass on a plane? How to take glass bottles on a plane? Are wine glasses allowed on a plane? Yes, you can carry any glass type to the plane whether in carry-on or checked-in luggage as far as you are under the limit proposed by the airlines.

Here on this page, we will move in with the details of taking glass bottles on the plane and how to pack them properly so they would reach the destination in proper condition.

How can I take a glass on a plane?

The rule indicated under TSA is that glass bottles are allowed on the plane through security checks. The glass you carry needs to be carefully covered so that other passengers or one who handles it does not get any harm.

You can carry the glass cup and also glass containers through the airport checks as mentioned on TSA. Make sure that the item should not have sharp edges or look like any weapon otherwise the items cannot be passed through the security points.

TSA has clearly mentioned that passengers can carry glass bottles in their handbags. The limit of liquid to hold in the bottle is 100 ml i.e.the rule of 3-1-1. Still, the decision to get permission in order to carry the items is vested in the hands of agents under TSA. Such a situation arises if the agents are not confirmed about the items carried are safe for passengers on board.

How can I carry Glass on the plane? 

While boarding the plane along with glass products ensure you take them in carry-on luggage following the rules set by the airlines regarding weight and size. There are airlines that do not have any restrictions for carrying weight on carry-on baggage. But if the bag is heavy then the items will be forwarded to checked-in luggage.

You can also carry along with you perfume bottles in a carry-on and the size should be 100 ml but in checked-in, you can carry any type of bottle without many restrictions.

Make sure to wrap the bottles inside the clothes so that they do not get damaged during the flight. All types of glass containers are allowed and no restrictions on size limits if you put them in checked-in baggage. But there is no guarantee that the items will be safe and in good condition in checked-in bags. Expensive glasses and perfume bottles are allowed and should be carried in a carry-on so that you can keep an eye and most importantly if any damage occurs in checked-in luggage most airlines do not cover the losses.

Do carry the glass containers properly packed inside soft clothes or you can take an extra box to wrap them up in order to keep them safe. If you do not wish to have the bottle break, keep in mind to pack the bottles in the proper manner.

Sometimes because of poor handling, bottles might break as the glass does not shatter on its own.

Carry the Wine Bottles in a box that is formulated for shipping and also protects wine bottles from spilling. You can bring small wine cans in your hand luggage and large bottles should be packed in checked-in bags.

Can I Bring A Glass Candle On A Plane 

As per TSA rules, candles in a solid state are welcomed in handbags and also check-in baggage. If you are opting to carry gel candles then you will not be allowed to board the plane in handbags but in checked luggage. You can take how many candles you wish as there is no limit for check baggage.


So, now you know that glasses are allowed on planes whether you are carrying expensive wine bottles, perfume, containers, or candles. While boarding a flight first confirm with the airport or airlines about the rules that are specially formulated for Glass bottles by TSA.

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