Can you bring Knitting Needles on a plane?

Want to take a holiday break moving from the city but aren’t travelling stressful. In case you have knitting skills, what is the point of worrying about it? Still, you need to go through checks until you get on the plane. But wait, the most common question “Am I allowed to bring knitting needles on a plane?” The answer is simple i.e. Yes you can. But here is important information that you need to follow to bring knitting needles on the plane.

How can I take knitting needles on a plane in 2023

Different airlines follow different protocols for bringing knitting needles on planes. As per TSA, in the United States of America, they clearly mentioned bringing knitting needles in carry-on or checked baggage. In the UK, some airports are approved to carry knitting needles and in some airports, you need to take yarn in order to show the reason for carrying needles. 

You can fetch knitting needles on a plane to Canada packed in carry-on order checked luggage.

Try obtaining information from the airlines you are flying to so that you do not get frustrated at the last minute.

Now the important part is how to pack the knitting needles so that you can safely arrive at the destination on the plane.

The rules mentioned under TSA state that sharp objects need to be placed in checked baggage by wrapping them properly so that luggage handlers do not get injured.

Following a proper protocol is mandatory especially if you are travelling with knitting needles. The ends of the needles should not poke the person while security checks at the airport. If you packed the needles in your carry on then you need to be extra careful by placing them in a storage bag.

Whether you have wooden or metal knitting needles, you can carry them just by following the protocol of the respective airlines. Place them in a storage box in carry-on or checked luggage by covering them so that no one gets hurt while handling them or during security checks. It is also good to take care so that you do not hurt yourself while searching for anything inside your carry-on.

TSA follows formal rules and regulations, passengers might face some issues at checkpoints. Some might allow you to take the knitting needles on board and some might say you are not allowed to take any knitting needles to the plane.

You can request the supervisor to let you with the knitting needles and show that the TSA site has approved carrying the knitting needles on the plane.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:-

  • Check for rules for both airports and airlines while flying to and returning back as different airports follow different rules.
  • In case you are not allowed to bring knitting needles, take an envelope with your home address and stamp to send the items home.
  • In some instances, you are not allowed to carry metal needles to the plane though you have permission from airlines and airports, the security staff might feel the item to be dangerous. Respect their decision because this is for your safety.
  • Placing the knitting needles in the checked baggage wrap with point protectors.
  • Do not use knitting needles during take-off or landing.
  • Carry plastic needles instead of metal ones.
  • Choose needles with 4″ DPN.
  • The knitting needles should be easy to twirl on and off and replace individually.
  • Carry the knitting needles that you require on the flight and rest pack them in a checked bag.

If you want to travel internationally with knitting needles then check for the rules because the country you are travelling to might be strict with rules. Once you obey the terms and policies you can easily move through the security checks.

Wrapping up 

Now, you might be relieved to learn that knitting needles are allowed on a plane by observing the rules of the airport and airlines. TSA provides permission to hold knitting needles but make sure that you do not pack metal needles otherwise you cannot pass through the security checks. This might lead to more screening asking you to send them to home.

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