Can You Bring Lotion On A Plane

The lotion is the necessary product required to keep your skin hydrated. If you are planning a trip then you must carry a bottle of lotion along with you. Taking a flight, which is a concern for your skin as it may dry out so keeping cream is quite convenient. Now the main worry is to learn whether items will be considered through TSA or not to carry on the flight. Not only this, but also you need to know, how much lotion can you bring on board or is lotion considered a liquid on a plane.

What are the rules to carry lotion on plane?

To bring any items on the plane you need to seek permission from Transportation Security Association, obeying the rules and regulations.

During the security checks at the airport, the scan is processed by TSA and they are the ones that permit what items are to be allowed to carry on the plane.

TSA on bringing lotions to flight states that the product should be smeared, squeezed, sprayed, and pumped then this is liquid. TSA considers lotion as liquid and you can take it on flight. The rule is 3-1-1 that you need to follow for liquids. Carry the item in a carry-on with a size of 3.4oz.

If you buy lotion after checkout then no size restrictions upon boarding the plane. You can take the finely packed lotion in a checked-in bag. 

In some cases, TSA does not allow the lotion to carry-on flights but still has the chance if they are convinced that the lotion is on medical grounds.

How to make lotion on plane 

Carrying a lotion on the flight is possible in carry-on bags. But while packing you need to be a bit extra careful. The lotion should be packed in a clear plastic pouch. You cannot exceed more than 100ml and one quart otherwise security control will not permit the lotion to pass through the checks. 

Passengers can also take bottles of lotion in checked baggage. You can carry lotion full-sized if the trip is longer than usual trips in the checked luggage while boarding the plane.

Check the caps and lids so that the lotion does not spill inside the baggage ruining your other items. Make sure to carry the lotion in transparent plastic bags so that it can be easily visible if any outbursts due to pressure.

The limitation on size or volume should be maintained so that airport security does not restrict you from carrying a number of liquid items in bags.

Following points that you need to take care of while packing the bottle with lotion to carry on the plane:

  • Do not carry large bottles in carry-on bags as the rule state 3-1-1.
  • Check the caps and lids are intact and sealed properly.
  • Also, attach the caps with tape in order to avoid the pressure bursting.
  • The pouch where the lotion is placed should contain a Ziplock. 
  • Liquid products should be placed inside a plastic bag and then pack them in luggage.

Can I carry lotion in my purse on a plane?

The lotion is assumed to be liquid by TSA and so you need to carry liquid in a packed bag. Passengers carry purses with them though they have checked bags or carry-on luggage so that they can keep them alongside on the plane. In many cases, passengers have dry skin while flying and for this, they carry lotion in their purses. 

Keep in mind about the limit of size allowed under TSA rules so that airport security does not have any issue with the lotion.

There are stores that sell travel creams with exact size limits. If you are still not aware of this then you can visit the stores available at airports.

What size lotion can you take on a plane? 

The size as Transportation Security Association rules should be 3-1-1 and lotion is termed liquid. Ensure that the lotion is packed in a clear plastic bag and bring on checked-in or carry-on bags on the flight.

Can I take an 8 oz lotion on a plane?

No, airport security does not allow 8oz lotion on flights. As per TSA rules, passengers are subjected to carry 3.4oz lotion but if on medical terms you can take more than the size suggested.

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