Can you bring Makeup on a Plane?

Wanna bring a makeup kit on the plane? Confused about the rules and restrictions on taking makeup to the plane, so this is the ultimate handbook for passengers who wish to have their beauty kits along with them.

On this page, we will be talking about topics such as what makeup can you bring on a plane, whether can you bring full-size makeup on a plane, whether can you bring makeup in your purse on a plane, and so on.

What makeup can I bring on the flight?

TSA rules on makeup are not straightforward or simple to understand because the restrictions depend on the makeup type.

If you travel regularly with makeup in your purse, you need to look for cosmetics and find out which products can be carried or whether items in liquid form are allowed or not.

Liquid makeup needs to be regulated as per the rules of TSA. You can take liquid makeup with 3.4 ounces or 100 ml while boarding the flight. The containers should be fit in one-liter transparent bags and be zipped properly. You can carry makeup brushes and also powder makeup on the plane.

Can I carry Powder Makeup on the plane?

Solid makeup is easy to carry as there is no issue of splitting. You can fetch powder cosmetics in your handbags which also incorporate makeup palettes and different types of powdered products on a flight.

TSA states that if you carry 12 ounces of powdered product required to go through screening separately. In case you are carrying less than 12 ounces of makeup powder still screening of your hand luggage will be done. Sometimes the containers carrying powder makeup are to be opened for checking before boarding the flight. You can also keep the makeup powder in checked bags if the amount is more than 12 oz.

Can I carry makeup in my purse on the flight?

Liquid cosmetics are allowed in the purse if the size is of 100 ml or less than that. Pack properly in a transparent bag with properly zipped so that it does not split out.

While traveling, make sure to have liquid cosmetics to be carried in your handbags or take the makeup bags where you can keep all your brushes, palette, foundation, cream, etc in the hand purse. This also limits the carrying of liquid cosmetics during travel.

But there are items of makeup considered as a liquid that you might not imagine or think of.

Mascara products can be taken in your carry-on bag or checked luggage. This item is liquid as per TSA. Foundation too is allowed with 3.4 ounces packed in a transparent bag.

Can you bring Full-Size Makeup on the plane? 

The restrictions provided by TSA on bringing makeup bags to the plane is that they allow both liquid and powder makeup bags. You can take solid cosmetics in your carry-on luggage as well as checked bags but to carry liquid products you can only have 100 ml or less in the liquid bags.

Powder cosmetics carried in handbags and have more than 350 ml need to go through security checks separately.

Makeup in solid form is approved without any limit on quantity or size limit as mentioned by TSA rules.

How can I carry Makeup Remover Wipes on the flight

You will be happy to learn that Makeup Wipes are allowed in carry-on luggage. Wipes are solids and need to be required to pack them in liquid bags.

Can you take Makeup on the plane Canada? 

Gels, liquids, and aerosols need to be carried in a liquid bag with a size of 100 ml. Place them in a clear and resealable bag of size 1 liter.

Open liquid makeup is not permitted through the security check and if the size of the liquid is more than 100 ml then you cannot carry them to flight.

Hope, this article will help you to understand that you can carry makeup items to the flight by following the TSA liquid rule of 3-1-1. Solid cosmetics are allowed in whatever size or quantity you wish to carry.

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