Alaska Airlines Check-in

Wondering how to check in to Alaska Airlines?

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Methods on Alaska Airline check-in

As per the Alaska Airlines check-in policy, the airline offers various modes that can be wielded in order to check in.

The methods are-

  • Online through the website of Alaska Airlines.
  • By using Alaska Airlines mobile app (iOS, Android/Amazon)
  • At the airport:
    Self-service kiosk
    Check-in counter

Alaska Airlines flight check-in Time

Before we head towards the check-in process, it’s essential to have a clear idea of Alaskan Airlines check-in depending on the method you choose.

Alaska Airlines check-in flight time along with Alaska Airlines check-in deadline

The check-in time of Alaska Airlines differs varying the method used i.e online, through a mobile app, self-service kiosk, and at the airport before departure of the flight.

Alaska Airlines check-in online time

On having a confirmed booking, flyers can check in flights via the official website. The Alaska Airlines online check-in starts:

  • International flights: 24 hours- 60 minutes before the departure of the flight and 24 hours to 90 minutes if flying from Guadalajara
  • Domestic flights: 24 hours – 40
    minutes before flight departure (45 minutes if flying from Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Portland, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Denver).
  • If the departure of a flight is from Dillingham or King Salmon, then the flyer needs to check in baggage at least 1 hour before the flight departs.

Alaska Airlines check-in time through Mobile App

Passengers can wield the Alaska Airlines mobile app in order to check in flight.

The Alaska Airlines check-in time initiates for:

  • International flights: 24 hours- 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure (and 90 minutes if flying from Guadalajara).
  • Domestic flights: The time begins 24 hours-40 minutes before flight departure. Whereas it’s 24 hours to 45 minutes while flying from Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Portland, Denver, and Philadelphia.
  • If the flight departure is from King Salmon/Dillingham, then check-in baggage must be done at least 1 hour before flight departure.

Alaska Airlines flights check-in time at Airport Kiosk

Travelers can even check in at the airport kiosk as stated below:

  • If flying with carry-on baggage: till 40 minutes from the flight departure.
  • If paying for the checked baggage: it is till 4 hours prior to departure.

Check-in Alaska Airline flight time at Airport Counter or Desk

Checking-in at the airport begins:

  • On International flights: 4 hours-45 minutes prior to flight departure (4 hours to 90 minutes before departure while traveling from Guadalajara).
  • On Domestic flights: 4 hours-60 minutes before departure of the flight, (45 minutes for Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Atlanta.
  • On the departure of a flight from King Salmon/Dillingham, then one must check in baggage at least 1 hour before flight departure.

Alaska Airlines check-in boarding pass time

Passengers must arrive at the gate carrying a valid boarding pass at least 30 minutes before departure of the flight once they are checked in.

How to perform Alaska Airlines web check-in

Flyers who wish to check in online through the official website of Alaska Airline must follow the steps below on Alaska Airlines online check-in:

  • Visit at Alaska Airline homepage at
  • Tap on the ‘Check-in’ tab.
  • Next, enter the required credentials such as:
    City of Departure
    Booking confirmation code
    e-ticket number
    Mileage plan number
  • Further, hit the button on ‘Check-in’ to finish.

Online check-in also enables passengers to:

  • Choose or change seat
  • Alaska Airlines check-in baggage and pay for it.
  • Making same-day flight change
  • Printing baggage tags
  • Print the boarding pass.

Alaska Airlines app check-in through Mobile

Below mentioned are the steps to check in through Alaska Airlines mobile app.

  • Open the mobile app on device
  • Login the account
  • Click ‘Check-in’.
  • Enter the details required:
  • Departure city Confirmation code, ticket number, or Mileage plan number.

It also enables to:

  • Pay for the baggage
  • Making same-day flight change
  • Choose or change seat
  • Once checked in, then you can download the mobile boarding pass or you can get the paper boarding pass from the self-service kiosk or at the airport counter.

Alaska Airlines Kiosk Check-in

If traveling with carry-on baggage, then one must check in at the self-service kiosk machine 40 minutes prior to the flight departure.

If paying for checked baggage, then passengers must check in the bags upto 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.

At the time of check-in at the kiosk, one may require the following details:

  • Passport (for International flights)
  • Booking confirmation code.
  • The e-ticket number
  • Mileage plan number

Passengers can also wield the additional features:

  • Print the boarding pass
  • Change seat
  • Enter/change the mileage number
  • Print baggage tags (available at selected airports)

Alaska Airlines Check-in at Airport Desk/Counter

Passengers can also check in directly at the airport counter. Provide the relevant documents by showing the passport and other documents related to traveling.

  • Alaska Airlines check-in baggage
  • The seat will be assigned to you.
  • The boarding pass will be handed to the passenger.

Alaska Airlines Pre-Flight Check-in

Flyers can directly apply for TSA Pre-Check in the program or can even select other DHS Trusted Traveler Program as per their needs.

Hence, that’s all on Alaska Airlines check-in information. If still facing any issues one can reach out the customer service assistance over the phone by dialing Alaska Airlines’ check-in phone number at 1-866-399-0587.

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