JetBlue Cancellation Policy

Do you require cancellation on a booked trip? It is quite necessary to have an idea of the JetBlue flight cancellation policy before one makes any reservation as there are somewhat changes in the terms and conditions under JetBlue’s covid cancellation policy.

This page comprises the overall view of JetBlue’s cancel flight policy which will guide flyers throughout the cancellation process.

  • According to JetBlue’s cancelation policy travelers can cancel flight bookings through both online and offline modes and can ask for a refund.
  • The amount of refund will depend upon the type of fare under JetBlue’s cancellation policy.
  • For non-refundable tickets, flyers will receive only the taxes as a refund. The rest of the funds on travel will get forfeited.
  • And if there is a refund on non-refundable tickets, it will be delivered in the form of a travel voucher that can be used in the future. The credit will be valid for 365 days. There is no refund on this credit.
  • Yet, cancellation on a refundable ticket will be eligible for a refund in the initial payment method. The flyers can claim a refund on the travel credits.
  • The airline will charge the fee on cancellation regardless of service class and type of fare. The fee will be applied to refundable and non-refundable flight tickets.
  • Flyers can cancel a flight within 24 hours from the initial booking of the flight for free and a full refund will be initiated. The ticket must be booked at least a week or more before the departure of the flight.
  • The flight must head or originate from the US on this policy to get significant.
  • It enables exemptions on this cancellation policy under certain circumstances.
  • If passengers cancel flights for bad weather, can claim a full refund without bothering about the type of fare. The airline won’t charge any fee on cancellation and can even request a refund on the unused portion.
  • Flyers with mosaic rewards can cancel flights, but require to pay the JetBlue award cancellation fee on a non-refundable ticket.
  • Even passengers can claim vouchers on travel as refunds.
  • There is no fee on cancellation for  Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, or Mint fares on canceling it just a day before flight departure.
  • Cancellation over the phone may incur additional charges of 25 USD yet it can be avoided if cancellation is done online.

JetBlue cancellation policy 24 hours

Does Jetblue have a 24-hour cancellation policy? The answer is ‘Yes’. Flyers can attain the 24 hours risk-free window, under JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy.

  • As stated by JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy, if the ticket has been booked a week before or more before the departure of the flight, one can cancel the JetBlue flight within 24 hours from booking without getting charged any cancellation fee.
  • 24-hour cancellation policy JetBlue is applied to all ticket types, which also include non-refundable tickets except the bookings on JetBlue Vacations.
  • Cancellation of tickets can be initiated online through phone or the official website at

JetBlue’s cancellation policy refunds tickets

Jetblue’s cancellation refund policy states that the tickets of refundable type although a bit expensive but attain flexibility.

Passengers can cancel the refundable ticket and even claim a full refund as under JetBlue cancel flight refund. The refund will be initiated in the original payment form.

JetBlue Cancellation on Award Tickets Policy

On ticket cancellations that are bought along with TrueBlue points, the points will get re-deposited to the account on TrueBlue.

Cancellation Policy JetBlue on Mosaic Members

On elite status members, the airline enables Mosaic status members (not Blue Mosaic) to cancel the non-refundable ticket free from departure.

If cancellation is done by members of Blue Mosaic status cancel the non-refundable fare before flight departure, the whole amount (except Extras) will get lost.

JetBlue Policy for Military or Government orders

This policy permits employees to cancel flights and get full refunds although members are no-shows for the flight.

JetBlue Flight cancellation No-Show Policy

In case passengers do not cancel the ticket on a non-refundable type prior to the flight departure, the whole amount related to the flight segment will get relinquished unless having a particular government ticket or military ticket. It also includes extras like Even More Space, baggage fees on additional luggage, Even More Speed, and many more.

JetBlue flight cancellation refund on Cancelled Flights

If by any chance flight is canceled by JetBlue then flyers pursue the following options:

  • Claim JetBlue Travel Bank Credit.
  • Book the following flight without extra charges.
  • Get a full refund if the flight could not be rebooked within two hours.
  • In case JetBlue cancels a flight just within 4 hours from its departure time, then passengers are entitled to receive compensation. An amount of 50 USD compensation will be delivered to flyers. If canceled after the departure time then the airline will offer 100 USD as compensation amount.

JetBlue cancellation fee policy

As per JetBlue’s new cancellation policy as cancel fee JetBlue policy, the fares on  Blue Basic will include the cancellation fee on or after 8th June 2021.

One can cancel the Blue Basic for free till 7th June 2021 as the JetBlue cancellation fee is waived.

The JetBlue cancellation fees after 8th June 2021, are as follows:

  • Routes in the U.S, Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America: Cancellation fee JetBlue is USD100.
  • Rest other routes: JetBlue cancels flight fee is USD 200.

How to cancel JetBlue Flight Booking

Can I cancel my JetBlue flight reservation? Yes, so as stated in its official policy.

According to JetBlue airway’s cancellation policy, passengers can cancel bookings on JetBlue by the below-stated means:

For online cancellation:

  • Visit the online website at and go to the Manage Trips section.
  • Retrieve back the bookings of the flight and click on it and proceed further by following the cancellation prompts.

Through Phone:

  • Flyers can dial 1-800-JETBLUE.
  • Talk to the customer support executive about canceling.
  • Furnish the relevant details.

On tickets bought through a third-party travel agent, one can reach out to the team directly.

On the award, tickets get in touch directly with TrueBlue.

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