KLM Flight Cancellation Policy

Are there any changes to your planned trip? Do you need to cancel your flight with KLM? If such, then it is definitive for a passenger to have quite understandable knowledge of KLM Airlines’ cancellation policy.

This blog has been brought to you that aims to deliver all the ideas that one must know before heading towards cancellation on flight tickets.

KLM Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

Passengers who are flying with KLM Airlines, must not be worried regarding KLM’s cancel flight policy which is relatively flexible and effective. It is the reason why flyers can cancel the KLM ticket even after check-in. Yet for this one must pay the cancellation fee by paying a certain sum of money. Canceling tickets within 24 hours of booking can be done for free without any additional charges.

KLM Airline 24-hour cancellation policy

Do I have 24 hours to cancel a KLM Flight? Yes, KLM cancels flight 24 hours policy provides this option to cancel a KLM flight within 24 hours from the initial booking.

According to KLM Airlines flight cancellation policy, flyers will be able to cancel KLM flights within 24 hours of booking the ticket.

If cancellation of the ticket is made within this free-risk period, a full refund will be initiated by the airline.

The KLM flight cancellation policy within 24 hours relies on all types of fares and both international and domestic flights. Yet there might be a situation where the airline has got the right to make changes on the

KLM 24-hour cancellation rule at any moment without delivering any notification. So make sure flyers must get connected with the airline team on the new KLM policies ( if there is any change).

How to cancel KLM Flight within the Airlines

The KLM airline cancellation policy enables flyers with several methods to cancel tickets conveniently.

The methods have been discussed in detail below.

1. How to perform KLM airlines cancel flights via Online

Follow 5 Tips

  1. I.

    First, visit the website at KLM.

  2. ii.

    Next, click on the ‘MY TRIP’ section.

  3. iii.

    In the next step, retrieve the bookings of the flight by logging in to the account of ‘Flying Code’ or by entering the ‘Reservation code’ and ‘Passenger name’ and then logging in to the account.

  4. iv.

    Hit on the ‘Manage Booking’ tab.

  5. v.

    Select the flight you desire to cancel and finally tap the button on ‘Cancel’. Thoroughly follow the prompts to complete the cancellation process of the KLM flight successfully.

2. To cancel flight ticket on KLM over the Phone

  • Dial to KLM customer support phone number.
  • Talk to the executive team asking to cancel the flight bookings.
  • You need to provide certain information regarding the bookings like the name of the passenger, booking number, and so on for initiating the cancellation of KLM flight bookings.
  • On getting processed the cancellation of KLM bookings, passengers will receive a confirmation mail on the registered email address and on its phone number.

3. To cancel at Airport

  1. Go to the nearest airport from where the boarding needs to be done.
  2. Visit the KLM Airport Ticket Counter.
  3. Ask the executive member to cancel the tickets.
  4. Learn if eligible for a refund. The refund will be initiated to the original form of payment that was made before at the time of booking.

KLM flight cancellation fee

Under the cancellation policy, travelers will be able to make the desired changes three times without KLM canceling the flight fee within the initial 24 hours of buying the tickets. If cancellation is done after 24 hours free cancellation period, the airline will levy a sum of money as KLM cancel flight airport fee.

KLM flight cancellation refund policy

  • Under the KLM canceled flight refund policy, to attain KLM flight cancellation compensation under KLM canceled flight policy, it is necessary to obtain a thorough idea of the KLM flight cancellation refund policy.
  • KLM cancel flight refund on ticket cancellation relies on the type of ticket bought i.e. non-refundable or refundable.
  • On having the refundable ticket, flyers will attain a full refund.
  • On canceling the non-refundable flight ticket, one requires to cancel within 24 hours of booking to prevent any sort of additional KLM cancellation fee and thereby receive a full refund.
  • On submitting the refund request it generally takes 2 to 4 weeks to get processed into the account which was used at the time of making the reservation.
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