Southwest Cancellation Policy

Flyers searching to cancel Southwest bookings can avail cancellation encountering the conditions provided in the policy. Here the policy stated will provide assistance to its flyers and resolve the queries on cancellation. It even assists passengers to claim compensation.

Southwest Cancelation Policy:

Stated here are major points and the criteria as mentioned by Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy:

  • Passengers can cancel bookings made with airlines from the official website or over the phone.
  • On group bookings, the rules for cancellation will be equally applied to all flight tickets.
  • According to its cancellation policy of Southwest, travelers can obtain ticket cancellations even on bookings made from the Southwest carrier’s frequent-flyer programs.
  • The Southwest cancellation policy may vary on this form of cancellation.
  • In case passengers cancel a flight and wish to rebook the new one with an existing itinerary, in such cases, the airline will book tickets on the following flight instantly.
  • On bookings made at least a week before from scheduled departure of the flight, are able to cancel 24 hours from the board.
  • According to Southwest’s cancellation policy flight tickets are categorized into refundable and non-refundable types.
  • It also encircles details related to flight compensation for delay cases.
  • In some cases, Southwest Airlines may cancel the flight due to certain issues that create a risk to passengers’ safety.

Remember: To learn if there is any influence on baggage allowance for flight cancellation, one can go through Southwest’s baggage policy.

24-hour cancellation policy Southwest Airlines

Do you have 24 hours to cancel the flight? Yes, Southwest Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy is available as Southwest cancels within 24 hours from the period of booking.

  • Southwest Airlines’ 24-hour cancel policy, aims to simplify flight reverses within these booking hours.
  • This service is accessible on all ticket types.
  • Relying on the purchase date, flyers will be permitted to cancel bookings 10 minutes from flight departure as per Southwest 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • On flights that are canceled within 24 hours of booking, flyers don’t require to pay the Southwest cancel fee.
  • In addition to this one can earn a full refund.


There may be times when restrictions may be applied on Southwest 24 hour cancellation period which will depend on travel route or on flight demands.

Southwest Airlines flight cancellation COVID-19 Policy

Looking at the situation caused by the pandemic, the airline has issued the Southwest Airlines flight cancellation COVID-19 policy. Under this policy, it has somewhat lessened the Southwest cancel flight fee and charge fee.

Flyers who’s the main reason why I for to canceling is because of the coronavirus can go for free.

Several modifications were made by the airline to the cancelation policy Southwest for COVID-19 so as to provide more flexible features.

Southwest Cancel Flight Policy on No-show

  • The airline allows cancellations to be made up to 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • If not done so, the airline will mark the flyer as a no-show.
  • One may receive a refund as travel credits.
  • It is available to flyers at any time and Business Select tickets. The rest of the passengers may not be assured of refunds.

Southwest flight cancellation Methods

Under Southwest airline cancellation methods, travelers can cancel both offline and online mode on Southwest.

To Cancel flight via online:

Here are the steps on the cancel policy Southwest online:

  • First, visit the Southwest official website at ‘’.
  • Under the ‘Book’ section, click the tab on ‘Cancel’.
  • Choose an option on ‘Cancel Flight’.
  • Fill in the required information such as the ‘Full Name’ of the passenger, ‘Booking ID’ etc.
  • Tap on the ‘Search’ option after filling in the details.
  • Select the desired ticket to cancel.
  • Hit on ‘Cancel’. Make the payment if there is any cancellation fee.
  • At last, once the request for cancellation gets processed, the confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

Southwest Airlines cancellation bookings over the Phone:

  • Dial at +1-800-433-5368
  • Follow the proper option to reach the rep.
  • Talk to the agent about canceling the flight and furnish the essential details like Ticket Number, Confirmation number, departure date, and passengers name in full.
  • On verification by the agent, they will proceed with the cancellation and confirmation will be delivered through email or phone.

Southwest cancellation fee:

  • According to the policy, passengers attain Southwest no cancellation fees for Southwest Airlines canceled flights. If a ticket was booked using Rapid Rewards points, it will get deposited automatically into the account.
  • If flyers bought Wanna Get Away tickets in cash, then the amount will be kept as reusable credit that is applied to purchases in the future.
  • On any time and Business Select fare, the cash paid on the ticket as canceled Southwest flight refund will be initiated in the actual payment form.

Cancel flight Southwest refund policy

  • As per Southwest Airlines’ refund policy, the airline comprises refundable as well as non-refundable flight tickets.
  • Flyers can attain full refunds on refundable tickets. Whereas on non-refundable ticket type one will not attain refunds in terms of money on cancellation.
  • Yet the ticket value will be calculated and credited as travel vouchers. Passengers can wield these vouchers while booking flights in the near future as Southwest cancel flight refund.

Note: Wanna Get Away flight tickets on Southwest are of non-refundable type.

Southwest canceled flight policy:

  • According to the Southwest flight canceled policy, at times when airlines cancel flight bookings, travelers will be able to attain compensation for Southwest Airlines’ canceled flight and delays.
  • If a flight is canceled prior to 14 days from flight departure, an amount of $700 will be provided as compensation or as a Southwest canceled flight refund.
  • For flight delays, the amount of compensation will rely on the distance traveled and hours of delay. Generally, if the flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, then the airline will come up with compensation for its passengers.
  1. If the route is less than 1500 km, the compensation will be 325 USD.
  2. If the route is between 1500 and km-3500 km, the compensation will be 475 USD.
  3. If the route exceeds 3500 km, the compensation will be 725 USD.

Wrapping Up:

Southwest Airlines offers an exclusive policy to passengers. Southwest cancels flight policy points to be convenient for a wide range of users. It works on cancellations and flight changes and also looks at refunds and compensation for its travelers.

Thus, it is a sort of useful policy which surely suits the requirements and needs of flyers at any time.

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