TAP Air Portugal Cancellation Policy

Looking for a TAP Air Portugal flight cancellation? This is the ultimate solution you just came across. Read this article till the end to have an overall idea of the cancellation policy.

TAP Portugal is one of the fastest airlines in the country with a diverse system of international and local routes. It is popular for prioritizing its traveler’s comfort and convenience. TAP Air enables a convenient way to book, cancel and change flights. This policy is passenger-friendly and flexible. Discussed below is an overall view of the TAP Air Portugal cancellation policy which will be helpful for the entire process.

TAP Air Portugal Flight Cancellation Policy

According to the policy, the airline permits to cancellation of the flight ticket without any issue.

  • If TAP Air Portugal cancels a flight, whatever the reason behind it, can ask for a refund or passengers can book the next flight if it is preferable.
  • The airline will charge with TAP Portugal cancellation fee if flyers wish to cancel the flight.
  • On cancelling the ticket within 24 hours of booking can help to avoid the cancellation fee.
  • TAP Airline offers several methods both offline and online mode to cancel flights on TAP Portugal.

How to perform TAP Air Portugal cancellation

As per TAP Air Portugal’s cancelation policy, the method to cancel flights consists of both offline and online following which one can easily go for desired canceling.

Cancel Online through the website

Follow Given Steps

  1. I.

    First, visit the official website of TAP Portugal.

  2. ii.

    Next, log in to the TAP Air Portugal account with the User id and password.

  3. iii.

    All the bookings made will appear on the screen.

  4. iv.

    Select on ‘Cancel’ tab to proceed further.

  5. v.

    Enter the essential details like the name of the passenger and reservation number.

  6. vi.

    In the next step, click on ‘Cancel’ to confirm.

  7. vii.

    The refund amount will appear on the window if there is any.

  8. viii.

    Finally, the email on confirmation will be sent to the registered email address upon completing the procedure.

Cancel Via Phone

The steps to follow are:

i. Dial the TAP Portugal Air reservation phone number.

ii. Once the agent responds, ask them to make the desired cancellation from your side.

iii. Provide the details of the booking to locate the reservation.

iv. Ask if there is any refund.

v. Ensure to get a confirmation email on successful cancellation.

Cancel Flight At Airport

i. Visit the nearest Airport.

ii. Move to the TAP Air airport ticket counter.

iii. Talk with TAP Portugal’s executive member about your desire to cancel the flight.

iv. On approval of the request, the refund will get initiated to the TAP Portugal account which was employed at the time of reservation.

 24-hour Cancellation Policy on TAP Air Portugal Airline

  • As stated by TAP Air Portugal 24-hour cancellation, one can cancel the flight ticket within the initial 24 hours of booking and no cancellation fee will be imposed.
  • Under this policy, all flight tickets are refundable regardless of the type of ticket or traveler’s membership procedure.
  • Canceling within the given period on free cancellation, a full refund will be provided without charging any cancellation fee.

TAP Air Portugal Cancellation Fee Policy

The cancellation fee depends on the type of ticket and destination.

No cancellation fee will be charged on canceling within 24 hours of booking. Yet, it will charge a cancellation fee if the booking date and departure date of the flight are the same.

Depending on flight ticket cost, TAP Portugal divided the cost of cancellation into various amounts.

  • On canceling flights after 24 hours passed from booking, the cancellation fee ranges from $100-$500.
  • If cancellation is performed less than 24 hours from flight departure may include a cancellation fee of $100-$400.

TAP Air Portugal Refund for canceled flight

  • As per the policy, on canceling the flight within the initial 24 hours of booking and a minimum of one week from the date of departure then the airline won’t charge any cancellation fee and would receive a full refund.
  • When a cancellation is made after 24 hours have passed, then the airline will charge the cancellation fee and it won’t repay the ticket.

Thus, that’s all on TAP Air Portugal cancellation on flight tickets. Make sure to get in touch with the airline team for any sort of professional guidance at the hour of cancellation.

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