Air Transat Change Flight Policy

Getting into this blog will give you an idea regarding changing flights or the booked itineraries through the Air Transat change flight policy.

Air Transat flight change policy

Following are some of the essential points considered by Air Transat’s change flight booking policy:

  • As stated by the policy, the change in flight is applicable to the tickets bought through the airlines, and it might vary according to the booked type of fare and service class.
  • Changes in flight can be made online as well as offline mode.
  • Flight changes made within 24 hours of booking the ticket can be executed without any Air Transat flight change fees. But flyers need to fill out the form for a refund within that 24-hour period.
  • Changing flights after the 24-hour window will charge the flight change fee from the flyers.
  • The newly selected flight must be to the same destination. No change in the destination is permitted.

Air Transat change flight fee

Listed below are the Air Transat flight change fee depending on the type of fare.

The flight between Europe and Canada:

  • Change fee/Direction:
    • Eco Budget: Economy- Not Allowed
    • Eco Standard: Economy- USD 100
    • Eco-Flex: Economy- USD 200
    • Club Standard: Club- USD 100
    • Club Flex: Club- Free
  • Seat Change fee:
    • Eco Budget: Economy- USD 55
    • Eco Standard: Economy- Standard seat (without any fee)
    • Eco-Flex: Economy- Any seat
    • Club Standard: Club- Free
    • Club Flex: Club- Free

Flight flying between Canada, the Caribbean, the United States, and Central America:

Fare Type: Cabin –

  • Change fee/Direction:
    • Eco Budget: Economy- Not Allowed
    • Eco Standard: Economy: USD 200
    • Eco-Flex: Economy: 200 USD
    • Club Standard: Club: Not Allowed
    • Club Flex: Club: 200 USD

Fare Type: Cabin –

  • Seat Change fee:
    • Eco Budget: 25 USD
    • Eco Standard: Standard seat (without any fee)
    • Eco-Flex:  Any seat
    • Club Standard: Free
    • Club Flex: Free

Domestic Flights between Canada:

Fare Type: Cabin:

  • Change fee/Direction:
    • Eco Budget: Economy: Not Allowed
    • Eco Standard: Economy: USD 100
    • Eco-Flex: Economy: Free
    • Club Standard: Club: USD 100
    • Club Flex: Club: Free

Fare Type:

  • Seat Change fee:
    • Eco Budget: USD 25
    • Eco Standard: Standard seat (without any fee)
    • Eco-Flex: Any seat
    • Club Standard: Free
    • Club Flex: Free

Air Transat 24 Hours Change Flight policy

  • The policy on Air Transat flight change within 24 hours will be applicable on flights that have been booked directly from the airline via its official website or over the phone with the Air Transat customer support team.
  • Reservations made in groups are restricted for flight changes in the initial 24 hours and it is subject to the Air Transat group booking policy.
  • Flyers are permitted to modification on the flight bookings without any change fee and moreover, the booking date must be at least a week from the date of departure.

Air Transat Seat Changes

For the request on flight seat change, the airline looks into a matching seat on subsequent flights and the availability of seats.

Air Transat change the flight time

Passengers are able to make changes to the flight time under the ‘Air Transat manage my booking’ section, which will include the flight change fee and the difference in fare (if applied). Change in flight is allowed only up to 48 hours from the scheduled flight departure.

Air Transat Change Flight Date

Changes in flight dates can be made online. It will be subject to Air Transat change flight date fee and the difference in fare if any.

How to change the destination on Air Transat: Change in Flight Destination

Change in destination will include the re-issuance of flight tickets by charging the Air Transat change flight cost and the applicable difference in fare.

Air Transat flight name change

In case, there is an error in the name on the flight ticket, then flyers are permitted to minor corrections on Air Transat without any cost. For this, flyers must reach out to the Air Transat flight change contact number at least a week before the scheduled departure of the flight.

How to change Air Transat flight reservation

Air Transat permits online and offline methods for its flyers to make changes to flight bookings.

  • Over Phone +1-844-933-2065/ +1-877-872-6728/1-514-636-3630
  • Through the official website of Air Transat (under the Manage My Booking section) (If the ticket has been booked from the website of Air Transat or through the mobile app.
  • At the Air Transat ticketing office in the area.
  • At Airport Ticket Counter.

Get the utmost benefit and time-saving feature if you have any concerns regarding flight change Air Transat by reaching out to the customer support service.

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