Air India Name Change Policy

Can we change the passenger name in Air India:

Policy on Air India name change:

Similar to all the airlines, Air India mandates that passengers need to fly with the correct name (full name of the passenger) and must carry a government-issued photo ID like a driving license or passport as valid identity proof. In case, the name of the passenger doesn’t match the name on the Air India ticket on the date of departure, then the airline may not permit the traveler to board the flight.

As stated by Air India change name or Air India Name Correction Policy on domestic and international flights:

  • The name of the passenger (in full) mentioned on the flight ticket needs to be the same as that on the passport or any other valid ID.
  • If there is a middle name, then it must be added after the first name by a space.
  • Air India airline won’t allow changes in the name on bookings until there is a correction on the passenger name misspelled. That is, requests can be made to the airline by passengers for correction in names but no request will be accepted to entirely change their name to some other person.
  • Change in name under legal (marriage, maiden, or divorce) after the ticket was purchased, then one needs to provide valid documents supporting the request to Air India flight name change and the ticket might get reissued with the Air India name change fee.
  • According to Air India’s change name on ticket policy, it is not mandatory to add a passenger’s middle name, but the initial name and last name need to be correct.

How to change your name on an Air India flight ticket: Will Air India’s name change

For Air India flight ticket name changes, the airline delivers a phone number that can be used by the passengers to attain name corrections.

How to change a passenger name on an Air India flight

One can dial at+1-844-933-2065 or can visit the office of Air India. One can make a request to the Air India customer support team on the query faced regarding changing the name.

Note: Air India airline does not offer Air India change passenger name online method to make changes on flight tickets.

A name change in Air India ticket on Legal Reasons

According to Air India Passenger Name Change/Correction for Legal Reasons, passengers who changed their name legally, for reasons like divorce or marriage, have to show legal documents as evidence supporting the request for a name change Air India ticket.

In these cases, the airline will reissue tickets and may require to pay for the change name fee that is applicable. For this, passengers must reach out to the Air India office located in the city.

Air India Booking Name Change Fee

Air India ticket name changes as minor corrections in a name like a typo error or a name misspelled can be corrected without any change fee on the Air India flight ticket.

Major corrections on a name that apply to re-issuance of the flight ticket: for legal reasons like marriage/ divorce etc will charge the re-issuance fee that will be applicable, depending on the type of fare and flight route.

For any further information or guidance on changing the name on the Air India ticket, it is advisable for the airline to get in touch with the customer support team by dialing +1-844-933-2065 or visiting the Air India office in the city.

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