Delta Airlines Name Change policy

Can I change the name on my Delta flight ticket?

The rules of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandate that the name mentioned on the boarding pass must match exactly with a government-issued ID such as a passport or driving license. If there is an error or mistake in the name of the flight ticket, then the airline might deny you boarding the flight. It is essential that one must ensure that the name on the ticket must be correct. Hence one must have a clear idea of whether can you change the name on the airline Delta if any such situation occurs.

Delta Airlines’ change name on ticket policy

According to Delta Airlines’ change name on ticket policy, the airline permits minor name corrections on the confirmed reservation by charging a certain amount of fee. Additionally, rules on name change Delta Airlines won’t permit a change in ticket owner from one person to the other.

For Delta Airlines to change the name on the ticket, passengers need to meet the below-stated criteria:-

  • Delta Airlines must operate the booked flight and in addition, the ticket booked stock needs to start with the digit 006.
  • On interline agreements or codeshare flights, the request for Delta Airlines name change will get processed only on flight segments.
  • Delta Airlines Name Correction permits one (single) re-issuance per flight ticket.
  • Name change with Delta Airlines won’t allow any changes on fare class, destination, origin, or flight date.
  • No change will be permitted on birth date or gender exception if there occurs any typo error at the booking time.
  • Minor corrections in names up to 3 characters will be allowed by the airline.
  • In case, once the request for name correction on  Delta Airlines gets processed and needs more alteration, then tickets have to be re-issued for a second time with a fee.

Delta Airlines change the name on the ticket

Following is the overview of Delta Airlines ticket name change requests that are permitted under Delta Airlines’ name change policy:

Types of Correction/Changes Acceptable:

  • First or Middle or change last name Delta Airline
  • From Nickname to Legal
  • Name Inverted or Addition of Middle name
  • Addition of passenger supplementary last name.

Note: Adding to it, the birth date and gender of the passenger must be the exact same as that of a passport or any government-issued ID.

Addition of legal names such as Delta Name Change Due to Marriage/ Divorce or Adoption.

Addition of middle name on flight ticket.

Name change fee for airlines ticket on Change Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines’ change name fee of 125 USD, will be charged if the correction of the name is requested within 24 hours of booking the ticket. Reservation will get reissued in a similar service class. The difference in fare may be applied.

Change after 24 hours: The airline will charge a fee of 275 USD (Delta name change fee). Booking will get re-issued in the same class of service. The difference in fare may be applicable.

Can I change my name on Delta Airlines?

How to change a name on a Delta Airlines flight ticket

Passengers can make changes in name only if the rules related to the booked ticket fare permit them to do so.

Below mentioned are the methods that include both online and offline modes to make changes to the name.

How to change your name on Airline Delta flight ticket Online

Following are the steps that can be followed to obtain Delta Airlines change passenger name:

  • Go to, the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Locate the section on ‘My Trips’.
  • Type in the 6-digit reference number or the e-ticket number, and the passenger’s last name. So as to retrieve the made booking.
  • Select the button on ‘Name correction’.
  • Tap on the box near which the correction on the name is required.
  • Correction can be made up to 3 characters on first/last name.
  • On completion of the request, tap on ‘Confirm’ and ‘Save’ to initiate the made request.
  • Next, passengers are required to pay for the charged fee as Delta Airlines name change fee and the difference in fare applicable.
  • The airline will reissue the ticket and on completion of the transaction, an email will be sent to the registered email address as confirmation of the new corrected ticket.

How to change the name Delta Airlines offline over the Phone

For Delta Airlines to change the name on the ticket offline, all one can prefer to do is reach out to the customer support team over a call.

  1. Dial the  Delta Airlines customer service phone number.
  2. Talk to the representative making requests for name corrections.
  3. Furnish the PNR number or the e-ticket reservation number to the rep so as to retrieve the booking made.
  4. Send the passport or any government-issued ID for validation through email.
  5. Pay for the Delta Airlines name change fee with the difference in fare (if any) to proceed with the made request. They will reissue the ticket to a similar class (as per availability) with the made correction.
  6. On completion of the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

Delta Airlines SkyMiles Name Change Policy

Passengers can make changes in the name on account of SkyMiles at the same gender or birth date till there are valid documents supporting the request.

For making a change request online, one needs to log in to the account of  SkyMiles, go for the completion of the ID form, at the same time attach copies of documents that are needed like: a certificate of marriage, divorce decree, court order, etc.

Changes on a middle name like:

  • Addition of middle name.
  • Entirely changing the middle name into the initials.
  • Changing the middle initials into full name.

For the above reasons, the airline does not not need the submission of any documents. Simply log in the account and perform the changes needed.

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