Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Hawaiian Airlines provides features by which one can make corrections in the name of the flight ticket that might occur due to a typo error at booking hour and the penalty of change charged by the airline.

Hawaiian Airlines name change rules

For making changes in the name of the booked ticket, one needs to meet the below-mentioned criteria:

  • Hawaiian Airlines requires it to be a valid carrier.
  • The ticket needs to be marketed and operated by Hawaiian Airlines.
  • The booking made is to be under the non-restricted fare.
  • The reservations need to be issued under a similar service class as booked in the original booking.

Change name on Hawaiian Airlines Flight Ticket

Hawaiian Airlines permits correction in name at the same time and also allows changes in the name under certain criteria.
Below stated are the request type that can be applied for a change in name comprise:

  1. First Name or Middle Name or Last Name:

    Passengers can make corrections to 3 characters on their first/middle/last name. A change fee must be applied but there won’t be any fare difference applicable.

  2. Nickname to Legal Name:

    Under legal concerns, travelers must submit a photo ID issued by the government that will support the legal change of name. Flight tickets need to be issued on the same class or higher service class, as per the availability. The change fee and difference in fare will be applied.

  3. Invert First and Last Name:

    This condition applies under correction in the name. On submitting the valid photo ID of the flyer, one can complete the request. The correction on the name fee will be applied.

  4. Addition of Middle Name:

    By furnishing a valid document, passengers can pursue adding a middle name. Passengers just need to pay the change name fee and the difference in fare if any.

  5. Addition of  Additional Last Name:

    Passengers can request for adding the additional last name over the phone by contacting Hawaiian Airlines’ name change phone number. It may apply the change fee and fare difference.

  6. Modification in name due to marriage, divorce decree, child adoption, etc.

Hawaiian Airlines Miles Name Change policy states

  • Change in name can be made on the account of Hawaiian Airlines’ Mileage via the Mileage’s profile.
  • The change process may take up to two weeks.
  • Furnish the legal documents that may be needed for making requests to change names on the account of frequent flyers.
  • Compose an email to send to miles@hawaiianairlines.com. The email must include contact details like the account holder’s name, the frequent flyer number, birth date, address for billing, contact number, and a copy of a support document like a marriage certificate, court order, divorce decree, etc.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction

The policy on Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction delivers correction on names up to 3 characters on passengers’ first, middle, or last names.

It includes the below-stated criteria:

  • Hawaiian Airlines must operate and market the booked flight.
  • Only one reissue of a ticket on name correction per booking is allowed.
  • In case of any kind of additional request for correction in name will be considered as a change in name and it will be subjected to a change in name fee and also the difference in fare.
  • Minor correction in the name is allowed to match with the government-issued ID.
  • Change in a birth date and name change is deemed as a change in name and will be subjected to change name policy.

Can I change the name on Hawaiian Airlines:

Change Name on Hawaiian Airlines Methods

Hawaiian Airlines permits their passengers to make corrections in the name on flight tickets online under the section of Manage Booking. Request for a change in name can be also made through Hawaiian airline’s customer support phone number.

How do I change Hawaiian Airlines’ name on the ticket online

The steps to follow are:

  1. Go to the website of Hawaiian Airlines at www.hawaiianairlines.com 
  2. Navigate to the ‘Find My Trip’ section.
  3. Enter the details of the flight to retrieve the bookings made.
  4. Choose the passenger’s name to make the required corrections or changes.
  5. Fill correctly the name of the passenger in the appropriate box.
  6. Make a payment on the page of checkout charged by the airline as the change fee.

How to perform Hawaiian Airlines Change Name over Phone (Customer Service)

Passengers can wield the offline option i.e. contacting customer service over Hawaiian Airlines to change their name and phone number. Request on change name due to divorce, marriage, inverted first or last name, the addition of middle or last name.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Name Fee

The Hawaiian Airlines name change fee will depend on the type of request made i.e. correction in name or name change on the booked ticket.

Type of Correction: First/Middle/Last name:
The difference in Fare: No
Change Fee:150 USD

Type of Correction: Nickname to Legal name
The difference in Fare: Yes
Change Fee: 200 USD

Type of Correction: Inverted name:
The difference in Fare: No
Change Fee: 150 USD.

Type of Correction: Adding Middle name
The difference in Fare: Yes
Change Fee: 200 USD.

Type of Correction: To add an additional Last name:
The difference in Fare: Yes
Change Fee: 200 USD.

Type of Correction: Legal change
The difference in Fare: Yes
Change Fee: 200 USD.


Thus, one can conclude that the change name Hawaiian Airlines policy enables correction of name if there is a typo error at the booking hour or if have a legal change in name on traveling mid-way. The airline will assist with the request made and may charge a penalty for changing the name and difference in fare.

Yet, if you face any query related to whether can you change names on Hawaiian Airlines, you can reach out to the airline support service team for a solution.

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