Kenya Airways Name Change Policy

Are you wondering to make a sweet change on the Kenya Airways flight ticket? If yes, then it is regrettable that it is not permissible. Yet, it enables the flyers to wield name correction or modification on the booked flight ticket. Here, we have aimed to illustrate passengers with (Kenya Airways’ name correction policy) so as to attain an idea of the overall scenario.

Kenya Airways name correction Policy

Kenya Airways won’t allow passengers to change names on PNR. Yet, flyers can attain provision for minor corrections on the name as stated by the airline policy.

Key points on Kenya Airways’ name change policy:

  • According to Kenya Airways’ change name policy, passengers are permitted minor corrections in the name mentioned on the booked flight ticket.
  • Correction in name can be made up to three characters. The addition of Kenya Airways’ middle name on the ticket is permissible.
  • Kenya Airways delivers no provision to change the entire name on the flight ticket.
  • Passengers are not even allowed to transfer tickets to other people as per the policy.
  • Name change due to legal causes such as marriage or divorce can make changes in name of the flight ticket by furnishing legal documents supporting the request.

Kenya Airways Name Correction or Name Change Documentation

  • On the correction of names that are misspelled on flight tickets, needed to submit documents like a passport, driver’s license, or any other government issue ID as proof.
  • For changing name due to marriage/divorce etc., then one needs to submit legal documents like marriage or divorce papers, to the office of Kenya Airways located nearby.

Kenya Airways Aircraft names change method

Kenya Airways proposes various options that can be wielded by the passengers as preferred for correction in the name.

How to perform Name Correction Kenya Airways Online

For modification or correction in name, one must follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Kenya Airways
  • Next login to the account by entering the required credentials.
  • Navigate to the ‘Manage My Booking’ section located on the home screen.
  • Select the name of the passenger which requires correction.
  • Enter the correct name.
  • Pay the change fee (if applicable).
  • Finally, the airline will send a confirmation email to the registered email address with the updated ticket.

How do I correct the name Kenya Airways Offline?

There are two offline methods that can be used for name correction on Kenya Airways.

  • At Airport Ticket Desk: Passengers can visit the nearby airport and ask the executive for the required modification on the name on the Kenya Airways ticket counter.
  • Over Phone: Passengers can even choose to dial the Kenya Airways Customer Support Phone Number at 1-866-939-0429 and talk to the representative regarding a name change or correction. Furnish documents supporting the request. Also, make payment on the name change fee, i.e. charged by the airline (if there is any).

Fee on Kenya Airways name change

Passengers may get charged the change name fee on name corrections in the booked flight ticket by the airline. The change fee depends on several factors the type of ticket purchased, the destination, the time when the request was initiated, etc.

Summing Up:

In conclusion, it is necessary that passengers must not overlook even there occur minor typo errors in the passenger name on booked flight ticket as per Kenya Airways’ ticket name change policy. Thereby one must proceed immediately with a request for the same.

For any further concern or query regarding name change, one must reach out to the

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