Korean Air name change policy

The Korean Air change name policy enables passengers to make changes or corrections to the name on the ticket relying on the type of ticket and rules of fare related to the booked ticket. One must keep in mind that the name on the ticket must be exactly what appears on the passenger’s passport or other government-issued ID.

This article will bring to you on change or correct name on already issued flight tickets, rules that are associated with making corrections, the charges for change, and many more.

Rules on Changing the name of Korean Air Flight Ticket

As per Korean Air’s change name policy,

  • Correction or change in name is permitted on-air segments operated by Korean Air.
  • On a name misspelled, correction can be made up to three characters on first name/middle/last name.
  • The airline may charge a correction name fee of 250 USD on international bookings, and a fee of 150 USD on a domestic flight within South Korea.
  • Infants are excluded from the change name fee.
  • The airline permits a change in name under marriage/divorce reasons and will be subjected to the change fee.
  • Flyers must submit copies of official documents that confirm the name change after the ticket had been issued.
  • On ticket correction or change in name within 24 hours of booking, passengers can cancel the reservation, claim a full refund and further rebook by entering the correct name of the passenger.

Korean Air Legal Name Change Request

If one or more below the stated exclusions are applicable, then a change name request can be made on the Korean Air flight ticket:

  • The ticket needs to include flight operation and market by Korean Air.
  • If more than three characters of first/middle/last name need correction.
  • Korean Air crash names correction on flight ticket.
  • If re-issuance of the ticket is required for a second time.
  • Adding a last name without any changes in name.
  • If names on the ticket are inverted.
  • Maiden or Married name change

Policy on Korean Air Skypass Name Change

Travelers must comply with the policy on Korean Air change name as the Skypass mileage account name needs to be the exact match on their passport or government-issued ID.

Simple name correction:

  • Spelling correction on the first name.
  • Spelling correction on the last name.
  • Alteration of name from a nickname.
  • Correction or change in prefix, title, or suffix.
  • Addition or deletion of initials or middle name.
  • Rectify the inverted first/last name.
  • Rest other changes in the name needs to be requested over the phone or in writing.
  • Travelers must submit copies of the related name change request as valid legal documents like:
    Legal change name document
    Marriage certificate
    Divorce decree

How do I Change my Name on Korean Air

There are various methods (online and offline) that can be used by passengers for a name change or name correction such as over the phone and online through the official website of Korean Air.

How to change your last name Korean Air Ticket Online

Request on name correction that has been bought via the website can be initiated for correction online.

The steps to be followed are:

  • Visit the official website of Korean Air on the preferred web browser.
  • Navigate to the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Fill in the reference number and passenger’s last surname to retrieve the bookings.
  • Next, choose the name of the passenger which requires correction.
    Note: Only three characters are allowed for correction on the first/last name on the website of the airline.
  • Click the button on ‘Change name’, and type the corrected form in the provided box.
  • Now, it will redirect to the checkout window.
  • In the next step, pay the charged change fee.
  • Finally, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address including the updated name on the e-ticket.

How to change your name on Korean Air Ticket Offline over the Phone:

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Call Korean Air customer service to change the name and phone number.
  2. Talk to the representative regarding name correction and provide the required information to retrieve the bookings.
  3. Furnish the relevant documents in support of the request made.
  4. Pay for the change fee and fare difference (if any).
  5.  The rep will send a confirmation email with the corrected name on the flight ticket to the passenger’s registered email address.

Note: Passengers can request to change their name up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

Korean Air Correction Name Policy

As per the Korean Air name correction policy, for correction in name, the bookings on flights requires to meet the criteria below:

  • Korean Air needs to be validating carriers.
  • Korean Air must operate the flight segments on the booking PNR.
  • Flyers can make requests for correction upto 24 hours from scheduled flight departure on domestic as well as international travel.
  • The airline delivers only one reissue per ticket. For any further name correction, the request will be deemed under the Korean Air name change policy. It will be subjected to a name change fee and a difference in fare.
  • On request for name correction, no changes in destination, travel date, or change class of fare are allowed.
  • On mid-travel, minor name corrections are only permitted according to the Korean Air name correction policy.

Korean Air Change Name Fees

As per Korean Air’s name change policy, name changes or corrections on flight tickets are subject to some change fees and may also charge the difference in fare as well.

Let’s check out below:

Request on change name: Middle name correctionRequest on change name: First name correctionRequest on change name: Last name correctionRequest on change name: Addition of the last nameRequest on change name: Inverted first name and last name.Request on change name: Married or Maiden change name
Change name fee: 200USDChange name fee: 200USDChange name fee: 200USDChange name fee: 200USDChange name fee: 150USDChange name fee: 200USD
Fare difference ( if applicable): Yes.Fare difference ( if applicable): Yes.Fare difference ( if applicable): Yes.Fare difference ( if applicable): Yes.Fare difference ( if applicable): NoFare difference ( if applicable): No


Korean Air’s change name policy, delivers flexibility for a name change that will rely on the type of ticket purchased by the flyer.

Modification on the reservation can be made easily and also able to enter the correct name on the ticket. With the 24-hour change policy, passengers can make requests on changing names for free. Simply follow the process put forward by Korean Air and all the concerns will get sorted without much difficulty.

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