Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy

Reading this article will give you an idea regarding the terms and conditions related to changing names, the fee charged, etc.

Philippine Airlines change name Terms and Conditions Policy

According to Philippine Airlines’ change name policy:

  • The ticket cannot be transferred to the name of another individual. In such situations, one must cancel the booked ticket and then buy a new ticket along with the required passenger name.
  • Changing the name legally can be amended by the airline and will be subjected to the Philippine Airlines name change fee.
  • Travelers are required to submit documents that support the request made for change, like affidavits on legally changed names, marriage certificates, etc.
  • The change name on the ticket Philippine Airline policy states that the ticket name must be matched with the passport (on the international trip) or with a photo -ID issued by the government (on domestic flights).
  • Change name request is accepted 24 hours prior to flight departure by the airline.
  • On names that are misspelled, the airline allows correction on it, up to three characters on passengers’ initial name, middle or last name. 
  • On the misspelled name, the Philippine Airlines request made will be subjected to a penalty and also the difference in fare (if any).
  • Once checked in, the airline won’t accept any request for a change of name.
  • No request for name change will be permitted on any codeshare network or interline flight segment.

Type of Request: Philippine Airlines name change

As per the policy, changing name shall get permitted only under certain cases such as:

  • Spelling correction
  • Addition of deletion of letters on passengers’ first or last names.
  • Adding suffix or prefix on the name which is to be corrected.
  • The alteration from maiden to married name.
  • Gender correction.

Name Correction Philippine Airline Policy

In order to make a correction on the name present in the ticket, then one needs to meet the below-stated criteria:

  • Philippine Airlines must be a valid carrier.
  • Philippine Airlines must operate and market the flight segment in flight tickets.
  • Only a single reissue of each ticket is permitted. Additional corrections in name will be evaluated as change name and will get subjected to penalty and also rise in fare.
  • Change in date of travel, destination, or time is not permitted.
  • Minor change in name is permitted mid-trip. If the airline agrees with the change request after verifying with a passport or any government-issued ID.
  • Change in birth date or gender is not allowed at the exact hour as name correction. One must make a respective request for them.
  • Each passenger is permitted to make corrections only once. Any changes required further will be subjected to the change name policy.

How to change your name on Philippine Airlines

For making a request to change the name, Philippine Airlines has delivered online and offline methods for the convenience of the flyers.

How to change your name online

To make Philippine Airlines change passenger name request online, the following steps are required:

  • Firstly, go to, the official website of Philippine Airlines.
  • Locate the booking made by entering the PNR or confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.
  • Select the name of the passenger, where the name correction or change is required.
  • Type in the correct passenger name in the given box.
  • The change name fee along with the difference in fare will appear on the displayed page.
  • Make the payment and tap on ‘Continue’ so as to confirm the required changes.
  • Finally, the confirmation email will be sent by the airline with the corrected name and bookings on the registered email address, once the request for change gets proceed.

How to change the name of Philippine Airline Offline Over Phone

To make a correction or change the name, the steps to follow are as:-

  • Dial Philippine Airlines changes to name and customer service phone number.
  • Talk to the executive making a request to change the name and assist you with the changes required.
  • Make payment as the change fee.
  • A confirmation email will be sent with the corrected name and bookings on the processing of the request.

Name Change Fee Philippine Airlines

If there is any name change or correction on the misspelled name under legal obligations, then a change fee of USD 200 will be applied.

Following are the change name fee charged by Philippine Airlines, according to the name change policy:

Over Phone-Via Online-At Airport-
Economy:225 USDEconomy: 200 USDEconomy: Not Applicable 
Business: 325 USDBusiness: 300 USDBusiness: 400 USD

Summing Up:

PAL Airlines aims to look into the passengers’ concerns and works to offer the best solution. Passengers can make name corrections in situations like legal obligations, spelling errors, misspelled names, and so on. Request for change can be initiated online, over the Phone, at Philippine Airlines booking office, or at Philippine Airlines ticketing counter.

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