Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Mistakes are common to occur while making bookings on flights. The same goes when there is a typo error while entering the passenger name for the reservation. Reading this article will enlighten the overall scenario on the name change Qatar Airways policy.

Change name on Qatar Airways ticket Policy

Get the crucial highlights below on change name Qatar Airways rules:

  • Ticket bookings made under FFP Privilege Club are not allowed for correction in the name on the misspelled name on the flight ticket.
  • No ownership transfer is approved.
  • On making the request for correction in name in the ticket needs to be reissued, as the name change fee for Qatar Airways and the difference in fare will get applied.
  • As Qatar Airways change its name policy, tickets for flights that are booked with the wrong name must be canceled so as to prevent no-shows, and then one can request a refund on the e-ticket.
  • Passengers need to show up a legal document, in order to proceed with the request for name correction due to type error or misspelled name.

Method on Qatar Airways Name Correction

On requesting for name correction on a flight ticket, it implies making corrections on the traveler’s title, middle name, or last name that might occur due to a typo error or misspelled name.

Method on Qatar Airways Change Name

According to the change passenger name Qatar Airways policy, it makes sense to change the entire owner of the flight ticket.

The name change Qatar Airways flight ticket comprises a change of the flyer’s title, middle name, or last name, or maybe the whole name.

Qatar Airways changing passenger name policy has its limits where flyers attain permits to change their name legally, and the rest scenarios are impeded to the flyers booked flights that are operated by Qatar Airways.

Can I change the name on Qatar Airways Ticket:

How to change your name in Qatar Airways Flight Ticket

The process to change the name on a flight ticket from Qatar Airways both Online and Offline (Over the Phone) has been stated below.

Qatar Airways Name Change via Online

The steps to follow are:

  • Go to from the preferred web browser.
  • Tap on the ‘Manage Booking’ section that appears on its homepage.
  • Next, type in the 6-digit PNR Code and the passenger’s last name.
  • Click the button on ‘Continue’ to proceed further.
  • Now, the reservation made will be retrieved. Select the ‘Name Correction’ option.
  • Hit on the name of the passenger, the one whose name is to be corrected.
  • Corrections on a name can be made up to three characters.
  • Then, fill in the name correctly, that conforms to the passport or photo ID (issued by the government).
  • Next, on the checkout window, passengers may require to pay for the Qatar Airways change name fee.
  • Upon completion of the request, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email ID with the new corrected flight ticket.

Qatar Airways Name Change Offline over Phone

Follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, dial the Qatar Airways change name customer support phone number and hold for a while for the response of the agent.
  • Next, furnish the 6-digit confirmation number or the ticket number and the last name of the traveler, by using which the agent will be able to retrieve the made booking and further perform the changes needed.
  • Make a request to the Qatar Airways agent to correct the name on the flight ticket.
  • Passengers may be charged the change name fee and also the difference in fare (if applied).
  • Lastly, the new flight ticket will be sent to the registered email ID with the confirmation email from Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Name Change Fee

Within 24 hours from the booking date:The change name fee is 150 USD.
Change name after 24 hours of booking: The change name fee is 250 USD.

Wrapping up:

In summing up, Qatar Airways does not permit the change of the entire name of a passenger or alteration to another passenger on an existing PNR. Thereby, that PNR needs to be canceled if the ticket was done and new bookings are required to be brought in the similar service class or as availability. Correction can be made up to 3 characters on the misspelled names on the ticket of the flight passengers. For any further queries, one can dial up the support team for help.

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