Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy

The present blog covers the information related to the query ‘Can I change passenger name on Singapore Airlines’, a request for a name change in the flight ticket which is either misspelled or entered wrongly. It also includes the change fee charged by the airline, change type, and so on.

A process for Changing the name of Singapore Airlines

It’s necessary that the name that appears on the flight ticket must match the passport or other government-issued ID. Changing names entirely may not be permitted. One can only make corrections on the name containing a typo error.

How to change the name of Singapore Airlines

Methods on Singapore Airline change name

For Singapore Airlines’ name change on flight tickets, flyers can reach out to the Customer Service team of Singapore Airlines. Furnish the documents as a valid support to the change required as Singapore Airlines name change, the change may be subjected to the change name fee. Changes needed due to changes in the legal name (marriage, divorce decree) are permitted to do so.

According to the name change Singapore Airlines policy, both name correction and name change acquire two distinct meanings and cannot be interchanged.

Here is the request that can be made to the airline on name corrections or on Singapore Airlines ticket name change:

Singapore Airline change name Correction

The correction in name enables:

  • To correct the names that are misspelled, legal names, maiden or married or divorce names, names that are inverted, secondary last names, and age or gender discrepancies between the legal document and issued ticket.
  • The name change fee for Singapore Airlines of 200 USD might be charged as the name correction fee by the airline from passengers.
  • The new corrected ticket will be sent to get re-issued in a similar service class. The difference in fare may be applied.

Singapore Airlines change its name

As stated by the change name on Singapore Airlines policy, changes of complete name/partial name are referred to as name change.

Singapore Airlines does not grant permission on the request for a change of name in any case. As such, under these circumstances, passengers must request the cancellation of the flight. Apply to get a refund on the canceled ticket.

Further, rebook a similar flight by entering the correct name of the passenger.

  • Name change on Singapore Airlines due to marriage or from married to maiden name.
  • The name was misspelled on the  Singapore Airlines flight ticket.
  • Addition of a Middle Name on the ticket.
  • Name change on Singapore Airlines flight ticket under Legal grounds.

Name change fee Singapore Airlines

The request for correction in name made within 24 hours of booking will not be charged with the name change fee by Singapore Airlines.

After this 24 hours, the airline will charge the fee and the difference in fare if any.

The change fee varies depending on the currency that was used at the time of booking completion.

Here is an overview of the fee below:

Singapore Airlines fee name change

Online: Not Permitted

Contact Singapore Air: 250 USD and difference in fare.

Airport: Permitted 24 hours before scheduled flight departure. Fee 250 USD.

Summing Up:

Thus, by now one can sum up the policy on Singapore Airlines’ name change as:

  • Correction on the name up to three characters.
  • Changes in name Suffix or Prefix
  • Correction of married or maiden names
  • Adding a middle name.

For the name correction, flyers must submit a passport or a valid photo ID issued by the government as support to the changes requested on the name.

The request for change may differ depending on the service class and type of trip and will also let to know if the rules associated with the fare at the booking time permit the request for name correction or change.

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