South African Airways Name Change Policy

South African Airways understands facing circumstances where passengers feel the necessity to make changes to the name on flight tickets. The policy on correction and change sketches the procedure to change name and fees related to it. The airline aims to make the process of changes in name easy and convenient for the flyers and assuring the information gets updated successfully.

Rules on South African Airways change name or correction

South African Airways delivers certain protocols for passengers who require a name change on flight bookings.

Below mentioned are some of the essential aspects of the name correction rules:

  • This policy is applicable to flyers, who purchased flight bookings with South African Airlines and are required to change their name. The name on the flight ticket must exactly match the passport or government-issued ID.
  • Passengers of South African Airways can make a request to correct the wrongly appeared name on the booking before scheduled flight departure.
  • The airline allows minor name changes on the booked ticket up to 3┬ácharacters in the entire name.
  • Passengers can choose to perform the changes online/ offline. Yet, relying on the type of name change on the flight ticket, the airline may permit only the offline method to use for the required change.
  • Relying upon the class of ticket and the possibilities of the changes, passengers may get charged a change fee on name correction by the airline. One must verify the concerned expenses related to the name change on the booked ticket with the operating airline.
  • Relying on the class of booking and flyers itinerary, the airline might state time limitations to perform the name change. It is essential to verify the time limits on name changing with South African Airways.
  • Passengers are required to provide documents like government-issued ID, passport, or legal document which supports the request made for correction.
  • Name change due to legal reasons like marriage/divorce, need to submit a request for change in name to the airline with the legal certificate.

Methods for South African Airways name correction

South African Airways delivers several choices for its flyers to wield the name change process. Passengers can use either offline or online methods as preferable to modify the required changes on name, once the airline permits the changes depending on the policy.

How to change your name South African Tickets Online

The steps to follow are:

  • Visit the South African official website at from your preferred web browser to initiate the process.
  • Enter the account details to log in to the airline account.
  • Next, navigate to the section on ‘Manage Booking’ on the homepage.
  • Type in the PNR number and the last name of the passenger so as to retrieve the booking.
  • Select the passenger name where the change is to be made by using the options available.
  • In the next step, pay the change fee to proceed.
  • Lastly, a confirmation email will be sent to the passenger by South African Airways on the registered email address of the flyer.

How do I change my name Offline on South African Airways flight tickets?

There are certain people who prefer the offline method over online. Looking into this, South African Airways offers travelers with the offline methods that have been stated below:

At South African Airways Airport Ticket Desk:

Passengers are required to visit the nearby airport and go to the airport ticket counter. Make a request to the Airport Authority rep for the required changes or correction of the name on the booked ticket. Carry the valid documents supporting the made request. Pay the change fee of USD 69 approx.(if applicable) and the rep will deliver the updated ticket in hand.

Over the Phone (Dialing Customer Support Phone Number):

  • One can dial the South African Airways Customer service phone number: +1-866-939-0429.
  • Talk to the agent regarding the required modifications on the name.
  • Provide the documents required such as a passport or government-issued ID.
  • Make a payment on the change name fee (if any). The airline will send a confirmation email along with the new ticket to the registered email ID.

Penning Down:

South African Airways has attained its position as a world-class airline for its dependability and quality in the sector of aviation. Passengers are offered pleasant, memorable, and secure traveling experiences by the airline with world-class amenities, admirably qualified personnel, etc.

It is advisable for flyers to be aware of ( South African Airways’ name correction policy) so as to enable a quick and seamless process if there is a necessity to change the name on the flight reservation ticket.

Yet, if there is any query or confusion, passengers can consult with the experts of the airline to get updated with the policy details with if there are any limitations or modifications like South African Airways middle name change, simply dial the South African Airways customer support phone number for assistance.

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