Sun Country Name Change Policy

To have a correct name mentioned on the booked flight ticket is mandatory. If there occurs any error, corrections can be made without any hassle with Sun Country Airlines.

The airline enables flyers for name modification on PNR by following the name correction Sun Country Airlines policy.

Sun Country change its name on the ticket Policy

Below are the key points that fall under the Sun Country name change airline policy:

  • Under Sun Country Airlines’ name correction policy, passengers can go for making modifications or corrections to the name on a booked flight ticket.
  • Passengers can make corrections only to a single character.
  • In some situations, passengers may be able to amend their names and may require to get a new flight ticket.
  • Changing the name on the plane ticket after marriage, or divorce can make changes by submitting legal documents such as (a marriage or divorce certificate) to the airline.
  • On name correction, passengers are not permitted the route change.
  • Sun Country Airlines’ name change policy prohibits the transfer of tickets to another person’s name.

How to change the name of Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines delivers online and offline methods to amend corrections on the name. The methods have been illustrated below:

Sun Country Airlines how to change name Online

To make corrections online, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the official website of Sun Country Airlines or can open the mobile application of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Enter the relevant details to retrieve the bookings.
  • Go through the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Pay for the charged fee for changing your name to complete the procedure successfully.
  • The airline will send a confirmation email on the successful completion of the changes along with the updated e-ticket.

How to Correct Name on Sun Country Airlines Offline

Passengers can reach out to the airline directly over the phone or at the airport desk counter.

Talk to the airport representative regarding the name change. Provide the relevant documents supporting the change. A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address of the passenger with the updated flight ticket.

Sun Country name change fee

The airline charges a certain amount of fee regarding name change depending on the correction required to be made. For details, one must visit Sun Country Airline’s official website for further queries.

For any further information, one can reach out to the Customer Support Number for providing guidance on Sun Country Airlines’ name correction policy for making changes to the name on booked flight tickets.

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