Volaris Change Flight Policy

No one knows when there is an emergency or mishap which may lead to making changes to your booked flight trip.

For passengers who booked a flight ticket with Volaris and want to amend changes in the bookings then, it is essential to have knowledge regarding Volaris change flight to perform the process if the need arises.

Go through this blog in order to attain a clear view of Volaris flight change and its related aspects in a detailed manner.

Can I change my Volaris flight:

How to change Volaris flight

Volaris Airways offers both online and offline methods for the passengers to make changes in the booked flight ticket with whichever method seems more convenient as the Volaris flight change process.

How do I change my flight on Volaris Online?

There are two ways that passengers can wield change flight Volaris through an online method. They are:

  • On Volaris airline’s official website
  • From the Volaris airlines mobile app

Here are the steps to perform to change my flight Volaris online are:

  1. Go to Volaris airline’s official website at https://www.volaris.com/.
  2. Select on ‘My Trip section.
  3. Type in the passenger’s last name and the reservation number in the appropriate box to get the detail of the booking on Volaris airlines.
  4. Next, go through the process prompted on the screen to select the new preferred flight.
  5. Choose the changes needed such as the date of travel and locate accordingly.
  6. Once the selection has been done, make the required payment as Volaris changes the flight fee and the fare difference (if there is any).
  7. Lastly, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address or phone number with the new flight bookings.

How to change a Volaris flight Offline

The offline method on Volaris change my flight offline comprises of:

  • Visiting the Airport at the booking counter.
  • At the Volaris Kiosk tower located at the nearby airport.
  • Over the phone: Dialing Volaris customer service changes your flight phone number.

The team representatives and staff of Volaris airlines will be ready to assist throughout the procedure on flight change or might be any query related to the flight booking.

Can you change the flight date with Volaris Airlines

How to change a flight on Volaris Airlines date:

Yes, passengers can choose to make change flight dates on Volaris Airlines’ booked tickets.

Change flight date Volaris can be made via the mobile application or the official website of  Volaris airlines. Navigate to the section on ‘My Trips’ and then follow the prompts that appear on-screen to complete the date change process.

Change my Volaris flight Same-Day

Volaris airline comes up with a same-day change flight feature for the passengers through which one can make the desired changes and modifications required on the flight itineraries on the actual date of booking and can grab the benefits of this feature up to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.


  • This feature is not permitted for passengers on any long-hauled flight.
  • New flights selected must fly through the same route and between similar airports as in actual bookings.
  • Passengers may be charged the change flight fee and also the difference in fare (if applicable) according to the Volaris airline fare terms and conditions.
  • Passengers who have checked in are not permitted to select any of the earlier flights for booking.

How much does Volaris charge to change flights?

Volaris airlines state several terms and conditions related to its various types of fare and the charges or fee depending on them.

Changes on flights within 24 hours from purchase won’t charge any fee.

Volaris flight change fee

On domestic route:Before a day or more prior to scheduled flight departure: $750 MXN/ $40 USD (approx).
Within 24 hours to 4 hours from flight departure: $1,000 MXN / $53 USD (approx).
On international route:More than a day prior to scheduled flight departure: $75
Within 24 hours to 4 hours from scheduled flight departure: $100

On routes within Central America (international):

  • Before a day or more prior to scheduled flight departure: $58
  • Within 24 hours to 4 hours from scheduled flight departure:
    • At the airport: $85
    • Bookings made via another mode: $81

Thus, for any further details related to flight change Volaris methods or fees, one can visit its official website or the mobile application or can even reach out to the  Volaris Airlines reservation team through Volaris change flight phone number for further assistance on Volaris Airline’s booking query.

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