WestJet Name Change Policy

Made an error on the passenger name on your booked flight ticket? No worries, this blog will help you to understand the overall scenario of name change policy and the queries related to it.

WestJet changed its name Policy

The WestJet changing the name on ticket policy states:

  • Change in the name is permitted on unflown flights only.
  • The WestJet name change is allowed only on the flight ticket operated by WestJet.
  • The airline permits making corrections on misspelled ticket names up to three characters on passengers’ first name, last name, or middle name.
  • On changing the name on the WestJet ticket, the airline may charge a fee of 150 USD.
  • The airline enables a change in name due to marriage or divorce, where one must present legal documents such as a passport, or driving license issued by the government.
  • Correction or change name online needs to be submitted prior upto a day before the scheduled flight departure.

Can I change the name on my weather flight ticket

How to change your name on WestJet Ticket

The method for WestJet ticket name change comprises both Online and Offline processes. Let us look into these methods in detail.

How to perform WestJet change name on the ticket via Online

Go through the steps below to make changes or correct the name online through the website:

  • First visit www.westjet.com, the official website of WestJet Airline.
  • Tap on the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Next, type the booking number and passenger’s surname in the given box.
  • Click the button on ‘Confirm’. It will redirect to the summary of the booking window.
  • Select the booked flight and the traveler’s name where correction is required.
  • Hit on the ‘Change’ button and correctly enter the passenger name in the appropriate box.
  • Note: The airline permits correction up to 3 characters on the first, middle, or WestJet change last name of the passenger.
  • Moving to the checkout window, you may need to pay the change fee. Also review the entered name, as it matches with a passport or any other government-issued ID.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address along with the newly corrected e-ticket.

How to perform WestJet name change on ticket over the Phone

If you find it difficult to make changes to the name by online method, then you can opt to choose the offline method i.e. to change over the phone.

The process for name change weather are:

You can dial up the customer support phone number. Provide the details required that will help to retrieve the bookings. Make the payment charged. The new corrected e-ticket will be sent to the registered email address with a confirmation email.

A name change request can be made for the below reasons:

  • Change in name as for marriage/divorce decree
  • Correction on Inverted name
  • Change of passenger’s surname.

WestJet name change fee

Listed below are the fees related to the change in the flyer’s name.

Flight within Canada:The flight between Canada and the rest of the destinations:The flight between Europe and Canada:
Econo fare: 125USD -150USDEcono fare: 125USD -150USDEcono fare: 175USD – 200USD
Econo Flex fare: 125USD -150USDEcono Flex fare: 125USD -150USDEcono Flex fare: 175USD – 200USD
Premium fare: 125USD -150USDPremium fare: 150USD – 175USDPremium fare: 175USD – 200USD
Business fare: 125USD -150USDBusiness fare: 150USD -175USDBusiness fare: 175USD -200USD

WestJet changes the name on a flight for free

WestJet enables passengers to make requests to change or correct names for free. Such as: Within 24 hours from the booking: If there occurs a mistake in the name, passengers can make changes within 24 hours from booking. Passengers can cancel flights without any fee and can even claim a full refund. Further, they can go for rebooking the flight by entering the name correctly.

Bottom Lines:

WestJet Airlines understands the emergence of WestJet changing ticket names or name corrections on flights. The change of name on airline tickets is possible as well as transferable but it depends on from booking type and the hour of making the changes. Yet, it is advisable to get in touch with the customer support airlines regarding the concerned matter as soon as possible than being late.

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